Electronics PCB Assembly

PCBs at Cusack Manufacturing

Whether you need a printed circuit board designed, analyzed, debugged, or populated, Cusack Manufacturing can assist at any step in the process.

We have the ability to populate PCBs for both surface mount and through hole applications, or a combination of the two. We utilize a full range of production-grade equipment to populate our boards, including:

Surface mount (SMT):

  • Automated Screen Printing
  • Automated Pick & Place
    • 5 x Quad QSP-2 Plus
  • 2 x PCBA Reflow Ovens
  • FR4, Rigid Flex, & Fully Flexible PCB Assembly

Through hole (THT):

  • Selective Soldering
    • 2 x Nordson Select Inc. K.I.S.S.-103
  • Axial Machine
    • 1 x Universal Sequencer V
  • Cut and Clinch Manual Inserter
    • 3 x Contact Systems CS-400 Cut & Clinch Machines
  • Wave Soldering
    • 1 x Novastar Spartan 8D
  • Hand assembly for miscellaneous components

Test and Inspection

  • Functional testing
  • Custom fixture testing
  • Custom automated software testing