Powder Coating

Cusack Manufacturing offers in-house powder coating services utilizing our own custom facility on site. We offer a wide range of colors and finishes, great for everything from industrial to aesthetic applications. Powder coating is a durable and colorful option that instantly adds a professional grade finish to your product.

richard redRichard Red

burnt red texture
Burnt Red Texture

raspberry torteRaspberry Torte

royal goldRoyal Gold

Satin Poly Gold

ecs green
ECS Green

Vine Green

Satin China Mint

colonial blueColonial Blue

satin playboy bluePlayboy Blue
brunken blueBrunken Blue
plum violet texture
Plum Violet Texture
flat sassy pinkFlat Sassy Pink
Stone Black

Black Satin Texture
graphite stoneGraphite Stone

Teridium Texture 

baltic silver Baltic Silver
Rusty Ronnie Wrinkle

Wesgar Grey

Soft Satin White



Soft Clear

(Textured White)